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Watford very close to Fabbrini and Faraoni

Diego Fabbrini

Diego Fabbrini

The 2012-13 season of Watford, English Championship team (the equivalent of Italian Series B) ended with the bitter defeat in the playoff final, held at Wembley against Crystal Palace.
The team coached by Gianfranco Zola is trying to reinforce in this transfer window in order point to the direct promotion to the Premier League.

Watford is one of the four teams owned by the Pozzo family, together with Udinese in Italy, Granada in Spain, and, as the news of these days say, FC Koper in Slovenia.
These four teams are a real network with virtual base in Udine, with the scope to move players who need to be evaluate, develop, and promote players in high-level leagues.

Football Association has attempted to put a spoke to the shaft of Pozzo, limiting to five the number of loan players who may be fielded in a match; the CEO of Watford, Duxbury has not become perturbated and stated that the team’s plans do not change. If FA wants to limit the loans, Watford is willing to purchase the players from Udine or Granada or from Koper.

The targets of Watford’s market are four, all playing in the Italian leagues. To enforce the defense there are Angella from Udinese and Capuano of Pescara, while for the midfield and the attack they’re looking forward to Faraoni and Fabbrini, both from Udinese.

These last two are very very close to move to England, while Angella needs to overcome the veto of Guidolin who would like to keep him in Friuli.
Concerning the departures, the most wanted name is Matej Vydra, twenty-one years old striker from Udinese, scoring twenty goals during the last season, object of desire of Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea. Mourinho’s team, in particular, has offered 16 millions Euro to have him. President Pozzo refused, replying that he will not sit at a table for less than 18.
We’ll see.
Emanuele Giulianelli (@EmaGiulianelli)


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