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Daniel Pudil exclusive interview

Daniel Pudil, born 1985 in Czech Republic, is a defender.
He entered in the Pozzo’s network in 2012, when the president bought him from Cesena, in Italy, for his Spanish side, Granada.
Then he went on loan to Watford where he played the last season: 37 matches and one goal with Hornets made him an important player of the team trained by Zola. And the Italian manager insisted for his definitive purchase. Pudil has signed in this summer until 2017.
I interviewed him in exclusive.

How can you describe your last season with Watford?
“Nobody expected Watford to be in the final. But during the season we showed good performances lot of time and we deserved to play the final in Wembley. Unlucky we lost the last game, but that’s football”.

Why do you think you lost at Wembley?
“I really don’t know. I’m sure we were ready for the game, but in that moment we didn’t play our best football in the same way as we did during the whole season”.

Which was your best match with Watford?
“You have to ask someone else, not me. I think that last season was my best ever: I felt very well during all the games, stronger and confident with the ball.”

What do you think about mister Zola?
“He is the one of the best manager I ever had. He knows how to work with team and he knows exatcly what every player needs”.

Do you think Vydra will come back to Watford?
“Matej has the best season in his carrier last year, he scored more than 20 goals. I would like to see him back in Watford jersey but I’m not sure he will. Now he is back in Udinese. But in footbal life you never know what’s going to happen the next day”.

What do you remember of your Italian experience with Cesena? In that season you scored a goal against Milan!
“I was there just few months and I broke my feet there, so I played just 7 games. But it was a good experience to play in Seria A. Now I’m so happy to be part of the Watford family and league. I love full stadiums and fans in England”

What do you think of  Watford supporters?
“They are among the best supporters in the world. I’ve never seen fans like these this before. That’s why we would like to make them happy every game. During all the last season they were fantastic. I’m happy we found deal until 2017 here in Watford and I’m very proud to stay here with all of my family”.

You won two championships in Czech Republic and one in Belgium: the level of Watford could be compared to one of your previous experiences?
“Every League is different. I’m sure in Czech league Watford would play on the top of the ranking. In Italy you have many good teams and different ways of playing football. But probably watford should be in good position in Serie A”.


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