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Vydra can now come back to Watford

matej-vydra-watfordA lot of Watford fans expected from me news about Matej Vydra for today.

First of all, the situation. After a lot of voices about interesting from big teams such Chelsea, Matej is still training with Udinese (who olds his ownership). The Italian team is making it’s mind to keep the possession of the Czech player, protagonist in the last season with Watford.
So the management of Udinese is thinking about refusing all the proposals of definitive transfer, in order to keep the control on a player that they consider could became a star in the next years.

In this perspective the idea of another year on loan at Watford is becaming more than an hypothesis: under the hands of Gianfranco Zola, Matej Vydra could have the time to grow up more, to play another season in Championship in order to be ready, in the future, to come back to Udine and become the ideal heir of Totò Di Natale.

Salvatore Trunfio, an Italian agent, told me this: “I think that Watford will take back Vydra on loan from Udinese“.
This is the news that Hornets fans were waiting for.

Now there is only one obstacle between Vydra and Watford: Swansea. The Welsh team is very interested in taking him, and the perspective of playing in Premier League and Europa League could seduce Matej, but the will of the Italian management could  make the difference.



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