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Arsen Beglaryan: this is the strongest Armenia ever

Armenia-Luxembourg International friendly,1-1Arsen Beglaryan is a young goalkeeper, born 1993 in Russia at Krasnodar. He is Armenian and he was on the bench last Tuesday evening, as a backup to the legendary number one  Roman Berezovsky, when his national team lost at home 1-0 against Denmark.
It was a very bad slap for the ambitions of Armenia to qualify at second place to World Cup in Brazil. But nothing is lost, they have already chances.
And I’ve got the honour of having the talented Beglaryan as my guest in my workshop “La bottega del calciofilo”, every day more and more international.

Arsen, why this bad defeat?
“I think we played well, despite all. We had side problems that were difficult to handle.  I think that the logical outcome would have been a draw. But this is football, this time we haven’t been lucky”.

What are now your purposes?
“Our task is to win every match. In a certain scenario, we still have a chance to take the second place in the group, so we will affort to do so”.

Do you think Armenia can still hope to qualify?
“Of course, even if now not everything is in our hands. We depend on our rivals in the group. But, as long as we have a chance to qualify, we will make every effort to get our goal”.

I think the match with Italy can be crucial: do you agree?
“We go step by step. At the moment, our next goal is to win the match against Bulgaria. We will think about Italy when the time will come”.

Personally, do you expect to play a match?
“The most important thing for me is to be a useful to Armenian team. I have to be ready at any moment to help his team. If I play or not will be decided by the coach”.

What do you think about Armenian team? What’s your actual level?
“I think the current team of Armenia is the strongest ever. In our side there are players of the highest level.I think that now we have a little lacking of experience, but we are able to beat any opponent. We do not have steadiness, our scores are still seesawing. In the next few cycles we will seriously be able to claim the access to the World Cup or to the European Championship”.

What can it mean to you qualifying to World Cup?
“If it would happen it would be a great event for the whole Armenia. As I said, we will do everything to make it in the future. For me as a player it would be a dream come true”.


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