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Ivan Zoric: Ethiopia, Maldives and a brand new sport!

Ivan Zoric

Ivan Zoric

Do you remember Ivan Zoric? He was my guest in this blog to talk about Vietnamese football (here).

He felt so at home in my Workshop that he decided to come a second time.
To do what? He wants to talk about his future opportunities and projects.
But, above all, he wants to give me (and us) a great exclusive news, the birth of a news sport.

“Hi Emanuele. Yes, I have some fresh news for you. For now i can’t tell you all the details, until agreements will be officially signed. After my work in Europe, Africa and Asia, I am thinking on three new job proposals”.

Let’s talk about them
“First of all, I’m one of the candidates for a position of head coach in one important club from Maldives. Then I received an offer from Ethiopia for establishing a National Football Academy for young players, first in Addis Abeba then all over the country. My role should be the head coordinator project manager in this new established Football Academy. This project is very big and on National level”.

What about the third idea?
“With my business partner from Serbia, Ognjen Karisik, and one partner from USA, we are very near to close a big deal with a huge sport events company from Nevada. We will launch a brand new sport. My business partners and me will be project managers if we close the deal. This project, in a first phase, is created for State of Nevada and USA; after this stage, the next step will be lunching it on a world level”.

Very interesting. Can you tell me more about this news sport?
“It will be a very engaging sport. It’s born from the fusion of four national popular passions: soccer, American football, basketball and hockey. I think it can quickly become the most innovative and attractive sport of this century”.

What’s the name of this sport?
CFP. Its rules are simple and it’s extremely dynamic. It could be one of the craziest sports ever. Our slogan is: Sky is a not a limit. Human foot print is on the moon, we are going higher!”

So Ivan Zoric, director of marketing and communications coordinator of the Ho Chi Minh City Football Club, could have a new future, as a globetrotter: Ethiopia, Maldives or Nevada?

Emanuele Giulianelli


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