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Maurizio Ganz: “Totti deserves a place in Italy XI”

Maurizio Ganz has been a great striker in Italian football. He was born in 1968 and he played with several teams in Serie A, such as Sampdoria, Atalanta, Inter, Milan, Venezia, Fiorentina, Ancona.

I interviewed him about Italian national team.

ganzzzWhat kind of match do you think will be tonight between Italy and Armenia?
“I think it will be a useless match for Italy, already qualified. But it will be helpful to Prandelli to see players that he wants to study better for the forthcoming World Cup. It’s, by the way, an important match for Italy under the aspect of continuity: Azzurri must always go on  field to win”.

This has been an easy group for Italy, do you agree?
“Every round is easy for a team like Italy. The only risk is to underestimate opponents”.

And what’s your opinion about Italy at the World Cup?
“I think they’ll do well. Italy will build up something important, even if the quality of players is decreasing. There’s a problem, starting from youth teams, in our football: a lot of foreign players and less and less Italian ones”.

Does Totti deserve a call up for World Cup in Brazil?
“Of course he does! I think it’s impossible to leave him at home. You don’t have only to call him: you have to put him in the starting eleven! Totti has the right mind for a competition like World Cup. He is a player skilful, he has class, scores a lot of goals and has a lot of qualities you can take advantage from. Then he will be very useful in the dressing room for his experience”.

And do you think Prandelli will call him?
“No, he won’t. Francesco can only hinder him in his decisions”.

Which Italian young player does impress you most?
“Alessandro Florenzi from Roma, for what he has done and what he will do. Humble, extraordinary, able to run a lot, to score, to suffer”.

Last question: is there a Maurizio Ganz in the Italian team today?
“No, there are no more players like me or Inzaghi. Today strikers have to play in both phase: ball possession and not possession; now they are like trequartisti. But it’s ok, it’s a normal change”.

Emanuele Giulianelli

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