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Exclusive Daniel Pudil: “We don’t need any other striker”

fotbal_reprezentace_pudil_3619729_denik-380Daniel Pudil, 28 years old, Czech defender/midfielder is the today guest of “La bottega del calciofilo” (The workshop ot the football lover). We will talk about Watford, obviously.

How do you rate this Watford first part of season?
We started really good, playing well and deserving to be among the top 6 teams of the league. Right now we are passing a bad moment but we have to be cohesive and play again as a team. And soon or later we will find again the good way that now seems to be lost.

 And what about your personal season?
That’s a question for the manager of the team. I felt good, but the most important thing to me is Watford, not just my performance.

Which team did surprise you most?
Probably Burnley: they are in good mood but there are still 30 games left. We’ll see what will happen. We have to focus our attentions on Watford and do as much as we can to improve our performances.

Who are the favorite teams to be promoted?
In Championship league you can’t point out just 3-4 teams. More than 10 teams would like to be promoted.

 Is Deeney the ideal striker for Watford or do you need another one?
Troy is a good striker and we have other ones in our roster as well: so I don’t think we need to buy new attacking players.

 Do you think Watford will buy someone in January?
You’d have to ask this question to the boss, mr Pozzo.

 Is Zola satisfied?
None is satisfied in this momentm Everyone has taken his own responsibility and we agree to do a little bit more in this moment.

Do you think Watford could arrive to Premier League?
It’s still a long way, but now it’s time to take some points and win few games on row.

Emanuele Giulianelli


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