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Karisik Ognjen: “Mijat Gaćinović will be a star”

MijatAn interesting conversation with a big expert of football in Serbia and Montenegro, Karisik Ognjen, to talk about the situation of football in that area and to discover new talents.

What do you think about the level of football today in Serbia?
“It’s not at a high level. Coaches often reduce the opportunities for young talents to show their creativity, to play in a more defensive way. We are aware that coaches in Serbia work for little money”.

What about Montenegro?
“There’s a similar situation: we have the same mentality of Serbians and the football we play is almost the same. The only important difference is that Serbia has a style more physical, and maybe a little better quality in their league”.

Do you think there are talents that can become important players?
“Sure. You know that Serbia has stars such as Nemanja Vidic, Ivanovic, Matic and for us in Montenegro it was never a problem. The upcoming stars, in my opinion, are certainly Mijat Gaćinović from Vojvodina as Zivkovic from Partizan. I think that Mijat can become a top player. But there are a lot of young players who are working a lot to show their skills. I think theyonly need a chance, an important chance, to show what they are able to do”.

Who will be the next important players form Serbia and Montenegro to arrive in important leagues, next summer?
“I think it will be one player from Fc Vojvodina, because the club produces great talents. What I think is wrong in the policy of the club is that they don’t give so much chances to young players to play in first team. For next summer, the name are Mijata Gacinovic and, from Montenegro, Igor Cukovic .

Is Italy still a promise land for Serbian and Montenegrin players?
“Italy has always been a country where the players from this area have left a large footprint: I think the things will remain as they’ve always been even in the future”.

Emanuele Giulianelli

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