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Kasami exclusive: “My future at Fulham? Call Mino Raiola”

pajtim-kasamiMy exclusive interview to Pajtim Kasami, born 1992 in Macedonia, but player of Switzerland national team, midfielder of Fulham. Seventeen match played with the team of Craven Cottage and three goals scored.
How do you rate your experience at Fulham?
“Positive on one side, negative on the other one. Too many changes, three coaches, new president: a very heavy situation, for me and for my teammates”.
None expected the relegation at the starting of season. Which were the reasons, in your opinion?
“As I told before, too many changes. I would have preferred to stay with one coach”.
You had a good squad on paper, especially concerning attack: what did lack?
“Yes, on paper we were a strong team, but you have to demonstrate it in every match and on the training field. Furthermore on January a lot of important players went away”.
Had Magath any fault? Or any merit?
“Please, move on. I don’t answer to this one”.
For you, personally, how was this season?
“Up and down: I had tree coaches; with Martin Jol until January for me it went very good. After that, with the turnover of managers, I lost a bit the rhythm. But, if I had to make a balance sheet, I have played a lot this year, and for a young player as me is a very important thing to have continuity; but changes are always difficult”.
Is it true that in January you have been very close to Hellas Verona, in Italian Serie A?
“No, it isn’t”.
Palermo has been promoted in Serie A: what’s your impression?
“I feel a very big affection for that team. I’m happy for Palermo’s supporters: I did my debut in Serie A when I was eighteen wearing that shirt, and the team will always remain in my heart. I’m very happy for Zamparini, their president, too”.
What about your future? Will you remain at Fulham?
“Call Mino Raiola, my agent, for it. I’m only twenty-one, my future is open”.
Do you expect to go to the World Cup in Brazil with Switzerland?
“I’m on the list of thirty players: let’s see what will happen from now until the 3rd of June. For me it would be a dream to play in a World Cup, as for every football player”.
Last question: are you sorry you lost the “Goal of the season” prize?
“I regret more that Fulham has been relegated”.

Emanuele Giulianelli
@EmaGiulianelli on Twitter

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