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Aleksandar Mitrovic: “Belgium can win the World Cup”

mitrovicAn exclusive interview with Aleksandar Mitrovic, Serbian striker born in 1994, champion of Belgium with Anderlecht. He scored 16 goals in 30 matches, showing how big is his talent. Take a note about him, he will become soon a top player.

You were born in 1994 and already scored 16 goals in 30 matches. Where do you want to arrive?
“I want to score 20 goals next season. More than 20 if it is possible”.

You are a great talent. Do you think you will remain at Anderlecht?
“I have a contract for 5 years at Anderlecht”.

What does this victory in Belgium represent for you?
“It’s terrific! The fans were just fantastic! That was unbelieveble!”

Can you describe yourself as player? Which are your best features?
“I love to score. I think that sometimes I have a too hot blood. That’s my big problem but I’m working for stopping it. My favourite player is Mario Balotelli: he’s the same as me. He can do the best and the worst at the same time”.

Which aspects do you think you can improve?
“I want to score more goals with my head”.

Why is Serbia so full of talented players?
“The headcoachs are very very very talentued, and they have so much experience”.

World Cup: what do you think can do Belgium that you know so well?
“I think they can win the World Cup, why not? The Red Devils have so much talent in their team! For example, I like Divock Origi. But I love the class of Vincent Kompany”.

Would you like to play in Italy?
“Why not? But not this years. When I’ll be 21 or 22 I will think about it”.

Is it true that you have contacts with Juventus?
“No, it’s not true”.

Emanuele Giulianelli (@EmaGiulianelli on Twitter)

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