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Leeds United speaks Italian

ellandLeeds United new President, Massimo Cellino, and Sports Director, Nicola Salerno are planning the new squad for 2014-15 season.
And, like the owner and the management, the team will mostly speak Italian.

Almost done the deal with the goalkeeper Marco Silvestri, born 1991, from Cagliari and the midfielder Tommaso Bianchi, last season with Modena in Serie B: they both will sign a 3-years contract.

For the striker, the first target seemed to be Leonardo Pavoletti, 20 goals with Varese last season, but he is close to sign for Genoa: now the new name is Matteo Mancosu from Trapani; in second line Mirco Antenucci, for whom Leeds has to compete with Japanes side of Tokyo F.C. trained by the Italian coach Massimo Ficcadenti. Daniele Cacia is still a good name.

In the midfield a name very hot is Marco Crimi, who played a great year with Latina.
There other two names from Cagliari that could follow their former President and Director in England: Dario Del Fabro, defender born in 1995, and Nicola Murru, left defender with great outlooks. For Leeds will be easier to get Del Fabro than Murru.
Tabanelli and Avelar, that in January seemed to be close to Elland Road, are now faraway.

Italians do it better: hopefully in Leeds too.


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Un pensiero su “Leeds United speaks Italian

  1. Until KBEES says its all happening its all rumours. On! On! On! MOT arriverderci

    We are Leeds!


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