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Antognoni exclusive interview: “Prandelli, call up Rossi!”

GIANCARLO-ANTOGNONI-ITALIADear Giancarlo Antognoni, what do you think about the Armenian national team, that will face Italy in October?
“Italy has already reached the qualification to World Cup 2014 in Brazil, so I think that the trainer Prandelli will line up on the pitch an experimental squad. It won’t be easy for Italy, because Armenia is a team that’s really developing a lot in football”.

Do you know well Armenian team?
“To be sincere, I know much better the youth teams that are really growing up”.

So what do you think about the players that are blossoming after Mkhitaryan, Movsisyan and the others?
“When the young players will grow up, Armenia will have a lot of good backups, as it’s happening now with Italian team”.

What do you remember about the first match in history between Armenia and Italy, the last October in Yerevan?
“I remember it wasn’t an easy match for Italy”.

Have you seen Armenia matches in these qualifications?
“From the scores I can say they are improving a lot their standards”.

You talked about an experimental Italy against Armenia in Naples, next October. Do you expect to see some Fiorentina player called up?
“I think Prandelli should call up for sure Giuseppe Rossi, that was part of the national team before getting injured”.

Emanuele Giulianelli (@EmaGiulianelli)

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Armfootball: Ջանկարլո Անտոնյոնի (Giancarlo Antognoni)

Giancarlo-Antognoni-ItaliaMi first article for an exclusive interview to the Italian World Champion in 1982, Giancarlo Antognoni:

Ջանկարլո Անտոնյոնի. «Իտալիայի հավաքականը լուրջ խնդիրներ ունեցավ Երևանում»



armfootballSince yesterday I’m the new correspondent from Italian for the prestigious Armenian website about football
It’s a big honour to me. Follow me!
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Da ieri sono ufficialmente diventato il corrispondente dall’Italia del prestigioso sito di calcio armeno
E’ un grande onore per me.
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