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Iturbe: the new Messi will join Verona?

iturbePerhaps it will remain a suggestion at the end of summer, but for now it is really a good story, one of those I love to tell.
His name is Juan Manuel Iturbe Arévalos, but we all know him as Juan Iturbe: he was born in 1993 and he plays in Porto side. Argentinian as Messi, tall more or less like Messi, able to dribble as Messi: ca va sans dire he is considered to be the new Messi.

Half Europe wants Iturbe, from Manchester United to Inter : teams moneyed and powerful, the football elite of the old continent would want to let him follow the footsteps of the most famous flea.
But he choses Verona. Yes, the same Hellas side choiced in the ’80s by the likes of Hans Peter Briegel or Elkjær Preben Larsen, bombastic names that brought a Scudetto under Juliet’s balcony, or in the ’90s by the legendary Dragan Stojkovic who arrived in Veneto for a single season, a big name who has not had the opportunity, however, to show his skills in Italy because of a bad knee.

So today another star chooses to snub the big teams to play in the city loved by Shakespeare.
Poetic, definitely.

Like football, anyway.


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