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Jens Nowotny is our guest

nowotnyA former German national team player, 336 matches in Bundesliga with 11 goals scored plus 7 in Uefa Cup and 34 (with 1 goal) in Champions League, has joined “La bottega del calciofilo” for a little friendly chat about football.
His name is Jens Nowotny, born in 1974, defender. He starts his career with Karlsruhe and plays even in Uefa Cup until 1996 when he is bought by Bayer Leverkusen: there he reaches his top level.
Great results, good performances, until he reaches the 2nd place in Bundesliga and arrive in Champions League final 2001-2002. The team trained by Klaus Toppmöller loses 2-1 against Real Madrid,but that Bayer remains in the history of the team.
Nowotny plays 48 maches with German national team and wins bronze medal on Fifa World Cup 2006. He 3ends his career in Croazia, with Dinamo Zagabria.
Jens has accepted to be our guest, to do what we like most: talk about football.

What do you remember about your seasons with Karlsruhe?
“Only positive things. It was a great team. Not only the player, but all the staff too!”

Do you remember Uefa Cup matches against AS Roma?
“With Karlsruhe we won 3-0 but i I didn’t play because I was injured! With Leverkusen we played in Rome too. It was a very hard match with nasty fouls. A lot of yellow and red cards. In Leverkusen we won, while it was a draw in Rome”.

Leverkusen: how did you arriver to Bayer?
“An offer was made by mister Callmund. We met in Leverkusen to deal about the situation. And I knew many players there because we were teammates in youth German teams, as Ramelow, Wörns, Feldhoff”.

Bayer was one of the best teams in Europe in those years. Do you agree? Why didn’t you win much?
“We played a very attractive and successful football. And, at that time, we were ranked among the best teams in Europe. But we were young and not “adult” enough, if you understand!”

Yes, I understand very well. Experience is decisive at those levels. Listen can you tell me something about that Champions League, with the wonderful matches against ManUtd and the final?
“In the semifinal I got injured again and so I missed the final. This was one of the few mistakes I did during my whole career: not to go with the team to Glasgow for the final. I went to the USA for the operation to get fit as fast as possible. But it doesn´t matter if you become fit one or two month later if you´re good enough! Nobody will say thank you”.

Your best emotions with German national team?
“World Cup 2006, last game. I played. We won. Nothing more to say”.

To understand the reason of this lapidary answer, we have to remind that Nowotny played only one match during that World Cup, the final for the 3rd place against Portugal.

Greetings and thanks to the very kind guest of “La bottega del calciofilo”.




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