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Lores Varela trail went cold for Leeds

LoresUntil yesterday Ignacio Lores Varela seemed to be a target for the new Leeds of Massimo Cellino and Nicola Salerno.
But now he doesn’t seem anymore to interest a lot to the club of mister Hockaday.
It’s more probable that Palermo will find a club to loan Lores Varela in Italian Serie B.

Emanuele Giulianelli


Leeds transfer latest from Emanuele Giulianelli on Radio Yorkshire

The full video of the interview to Radio Yorkshire, broadcasted today.


Mirco Antenucci thanks his supporters before going to Leeds

anteYesterday evening Mirco Antenucci played his last match with Ternana, wearing the captain’s stripe.
After the victory in Coppa Italia he wrote this tweet:

“Your chants gave me the goosebumps! Proud of being captain of Fere (nickname of  Ternana players and supporters). Thanks to all of you for all these fantastic emotions you gave to me”.

Antenucci will probably sign for Leeds today or tomorrow.

Emanuele Giulianelli

Reinaldo Pitta: “For Adryan at Leeds we are talking. He would like to play there”

wpid-images.jpgReinaldo Pitta, Adryan’s agent, confirm the negotiations between the player and Leeds but, at the same time, he denies the presence of the midfielder today in England.
“We are talking with Leeds, but there is nothing signed”.
Is it true that you and Adryan are in Leeds?
“I’m in Brazil and Adryan is in Italy, there is still nothing concrete between us and Leeds. Is it false that me or him are in England: this transfer is possible but we still haven’t reached an agreement”.
Would Adryan like to play for Leeds?
“If we are talking it’s clear that he would like to play there!”

Emanuele Giulianelli

Adryan: Leeds is close


Important news for Leeds about the Brazilian talented midfielder Adryan from Cagliari.
In the last days I wrote that he would have remained at Cagliari, but tonight he hasn’t been called for the friendly match. Why?
Because Leeds is returned on him, very determined to bring him to Ellan Road.
Salerno confirms.

Emanuele Giulianelli

Salerno “Antenucci? Yes we hope to get him”. Agard ok.

Mirko_Antenucci1Nicola Salerno confirms the interest for Mirco Antenucci, forward born in 1984 playing at Ternana and former Torino: “Yes, we hope to get him”.

Talking about Agard, he was not at the training camp today and all his teamates say he’s going to Leeds.

Emanuele Giulianelli

Patrick Bamford new target of Leeds

bluebamfordThere is a new name for Leeds market: Patrick Bemford, forward born 1993: Chelsea decided to loan him: Middlesbrough and Leeds are the most probable destinations.

Emanuele Giulianelli

Bianchi: “Serie A? Better Premier League with Leeds”

Exclusive interview with the new Leeds midfielder coming from Italy.

Tommaso Bianchi (@ Getty Images)

Tommaso Bianchi (@ Getty Images)

Born in Tuscany at Piombino, right in front of the Elba island, Tommaso Bianchi is 25 years old.
I’ve interviewed him, hoping to have asked the things that Leeds fans would like to ask him.

How are your first days at Leeds going?
“Fine. I’ve inserted myself immediately well in the new team. Only the lifestyle is a bit different compared with Italy, but it’s all right”.

How was born the idea of coming to play in England?
“Immediately after last season ended, my agent advanced me this option because Cellino had taken Leeds and told me they wanted me. I wanted to try this experience, in a different football with wonderful stadiums, great organisation. It will be an experience that will enrich me as a player and as a man”.

How would you rate the English Championship compared with Italian Serie B?
“It’s too soon to answer this question, because I haven’t already played a Championship match. Judging from trainings, friendly matches and Cup, I can say that here there is less tactical organization than in Italy. But here there is more running, more physical approach and I can say that players are a little better than the ones who play in Serie B”.

What do ou think about the coach, mister Hockaday? As you know, lots of Leeds fans were astonished by this Cellino’s choice.
“I know it. It’s not the first time that Cellino makes a choice like this: for example he took Allegri for Cagliari when he came from Serie C and we know which kind of career he made. We must have confidence in him because he is a nice person, above all he consider and treats every player in the same way, at the same level, and it’s not easy to find a trainer who behaves in this way in Italy. He likes to play with the ball on the ground, he likes the technical aspects of the game and our trainings are full of these elements. And I like all of this”.

What’s the team target in this season? And yours?
“This is a long championship, very hard. I have learned to think just match after match, without giving to our team a purpose, especially at the beginning. We want to become a top team for this league in one or two seasons to win the Championship. I want to improve myself: after 200 matches in Serie B I felt I needed something different to enhance my football. And Leeds is the right place to do it, to have more intensity in my way of playing”.

It’s really strange that in Serie A none thought to a midfielder like you.
“Maybe I haven’t had the right chance. I went very very close to become a Serie A player two times, with Chievo and Sassuolo, but injuries stopped me. That’s my only sorrow: not having showed that I am a midfielder that deserves to play in Serie A. No matter, I will get the chance to play in Premier League with Leeds, that is a championship even more important!”

Emanuele Giulianelli

Bellusci has signed for Leeds

Here is the picture of Giuseppe Bellusci signing his contract with Leeds United.


Giuseppe Bellusci is a new Leeds player

BELLUSCIGiuseppe Bellusci, Italian defender born in 1989, is a new Leeds player.

His agent confirmed me the closing of the deal providing other details: Bellusci arrives from Catania on loan and Leeds has the right to buy him next year.
Strong player, able in marking, Bellusci has 6 caps in Italy Under 21 national team and 6 seasons played in Serie A.

Tomorrow he will be at Leeds to sign the contract.

Emanuele Giulianelli

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